Adstrad is my pseudonym; I am otherwise known as Caroline Comacle. Freelancing since 2002 and based in Brest (France), I translate from English and German into French, my mother tongue.

After studying literature in France (two years of intensive university courses and a fourth-year undergraduate programme in translation studies), I went to live in Wales for two years. There, I completed a Master Degree in Translation and Language Technologies and acquired the necessary tools to work with different digital formats.

I work from my home, mainly with agencies that have remained loyal over the years. These steady professional relationships allow me to focus on the task of translation itself.

For the last eleven years, I have been an instructor for the Master’s degree programme in technical writing and translation studies (“rédacteur/Traducteur”) that is offered at the University of Western Brittany. Teaching these courses gives me the opportunity to share views and experiences, to gain new knowledge from other horizons and to explain my methodology, compelling me to regularly reassess my approach to translation. Associate professional since September 2013 and co-director of the Ma since 2014, I share my time between teaching and freelancing.

I translate documents from English and German into French and also edit texts written in French to eliminate errors in expression, syntax, grammar, spelling and typography. I deliver texts that are ready for publication.

“A hundred times consider you’ve said.” (Boileau, Art poétique, translated by Soames)

I strive for a fluent style with clear and precise writing that respects the message and the purpose of the text, so that it reads naturally in French.

Literary and marketing texts often require adaptation and a dose of creativity that only a native speaker of the target language can provide. Consequently, I only translate into French.

Translating with style is a slow process. To translate the various nuances of a text well, it is necessary to let the translation rest, work it over, read it aloud and let it breathe. Accordingly, I request that deadlines be reasonable. Translating thus continues to be a real pleasure, which transpires in the quality of the final product.

CAT Tools

I use the computer-assisted translation software Trados which allows me to save all the texts translated for the same client in a translation memory. To update brochures, I only charge for the text that needs to be revised or added.


As a guideline, my minimum rate is 0.10 € per word, including proofreading.